Helping African women achieve their dreams.

Welcome to Africa Hope Community! We are so glad you stopped by. We invite you to look around our website to learn more about our organization, the women and families we serve, and how you can get involved.

Imagine leaving everything you’ve ever known to start a new life in a completely different culture. Imagine leaving family, friends, the community that you've always known. This is what it’s like for African immigrants and refugees in Colorado. They often come with nothing. Most of them don’t know anyone. They struggle to learn the language, to fit into a culture they don’t understand. Rather than succeeding, too many of these families are hurting.

That’s why we created Africa Hope Community.

Africa Hope Community exists to assist African immigrant women (regardless of belief or background) to achieve their highest potential as they integrate into the United States culture as well as strengthen ties with their homeland. We accomplish this through participatory approach that offers women support through one-on-one mentoring, educational events, as well as through sharing resources. We strive to make a difference in the lives of immigrants and refugees, and we invite you to join us!