Africa Hope Community dreams of a society that promotes women’s leadership. In other words, a society in which women will be more confident, valued and empowered to fulfill their potential.

Immigration can be a beneficial component of the American socio-economic life. Integration is one of the complex and multiple dimensions of immigration that needs to be managed harmoniously and effectively. Forty-five percent of the African immigrant population in America are women. 
In order to enhance the positive impact of African immigration, AHC aims to assist African immigrant women in the integration process through social accompaniment and guidance. With an inclusive and participatory approach involving women of every origin and respective communities, AHC is dedicated to strengthening the framework of African women potential, helping them to deal with various challenges that are imposed to African immigrants in America. By means of supporting education, skills training, information and awareness, AHC Community intends to serve as a forum of knowledge trade, experience sharing and mutual motivation for building stronger communities.


Francine KANYINDA, President
Tel: 720-207-3643

Joni Leahy, Vice President

Sara Richardson, Communications