Africa Hope Christmas Parties

11/19/2013 by Sara Richardson

Give the gift of Christmas to an African immigrant or refugee family.

This December, you have an opportunity “adopt a family” and give them a Christmas they will never forget. Africa Hope Community is looking for people to host a Christmas party for an African family sometime between December 8 and 22. In-home Christmas celebrations will allow AHC families to build relationships while learning more about our culture.

Host families will:

  • - Invite an AHC family into their home for dinner.
  • - Provide transportation to and from their home (if needed).
  • - Purchase Christmas gifts for the AHC family.

This is a great opportunity for a small group to come together and reach out to an African family. If you are interested in hosting a party, please email

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AHC Coat Drive

11/10/2013 by Sara Richardson

AHC is teaming up with WaterStone Community Church and Front Range Christian School to sponsor a coat drive that will benefit immigrant and refugee families in the Denver area. We need coats, scarves, hats, boots, and gloves of all sizes. You can drop off your gently-used winter clothing in the bins at WaterStone Community Church: 5890 S. Alkire St. Littleton, CO 80127 until Sunday, November 24.

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Needs for an Africa Hope Family

10/12/2013 by Sara Richardson

Hi everyone! We had the privilege of serving a wonderful family that is involved with Africa Hope. After spending some time in their home, we have put together a list of additional items they need:

- Girls and boys winter clothes and pajamas (Size 18 and/or 24 months)
- Socks for the girls (ages 5, 10 and 14)
- Pajamas for a girl (size 5T)
- Bed pillows (4)
- Mop
- Silverware tray
- Shelf liner for kitchen drawers and cabinets
- Trashcan for the kitchen (with a lid)
- Laundry baskets or laundry bins
- Bathroom rugs and shower curtain
- Bin for cleaning supplies under the sink
- Basket for fruit
- Bath towels and wash cloths
- Kitchen towels and wash cloths
- Dining room table to seat 8

Donation items can be dropped off at Joni Leahy’s house. Please email her at to arrange a time to drop off donations. Thank you for your continued support!

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Backpacks of Hope

7/29/2013 by Sara Richardson

Will you help us fill 100+ backpacks for African refugee/immigrant students? Africa Hope Community serves African refugee/immigrant families who have come to the U.S. Many of these families are cared for by single moms who have very limited incomes. Giving these backpacks of school supplies will free up resources they need for rent, food and clothing.

Adopt a Backpack of Hope and fill it with the following items:

- 2 blue pens, 2 red pens
- one set of 12 colored pencils                  
- 1 box 24-count crayons
- 36- #2 plain pencils                   
 - Six glue sticks                            
- 3 pocket folders with brad clasp                
- 1 pkg. 8-count classic colors markers               
- 1 pkg. of DRY-ERASE MARKERS                    
- Index cards-1 package, white, 3x5, lined           
- 1- 12” Ruler (metric and standard) wood or plastic
- 1 expandable plastic accordion folder with maximum of 8 tabs
- 1 five-subject notebook - wide ruled, and 1 one-subject notebook – wide ruled   
- 1 pair of scissors     
- Wide-ruled loose leaf paper (1 pkg-200 count)
- 2 highlighter markers (any color)
- 2 large pink pearl erasers
- 1” heavy duty binder

BONUS:  scientific calculators-for high school

You can drop off the filled backpacks at WaterStone Church on (or before) Sunday, August 4th or 11th at the AHC table. Contact Joni Leahy at 303-668-4882 or if you need to make other arrangements.

* If you have extra items to donate we can always use hygiene items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, lotion, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, feminine hygiene items, laundry soap, dish soap, etc.

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New Family

3/19/2013 by Sara Richardson

Dear Friends of Africa Hope Community,

We wanted to let you know that we recently went to visit a new family who just emigrated to the U.S. from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pitshou and Aimee moved here five months ago with their two children, Bedi (a 3-year-old boy) and Gracia (a 13-month-old girl). The family is currently living with Aimee’s brother, Patson and his wife Dorcas. They have two young children as well.

Because they are immigrants, there are no services and resources available for them. Back in DRC, Pitshou was a math professor and Aimee had studied to become an accountant. Shortly after their arrival, Pitshou got a job as a dishwasher at DIA. However, the wages are not enough to cover their needs. They have goals to learn English, get a better job, find their own home, and go to school. Right now, they need assistance with the following items:

-  Financial support (The house felt cold, and we are not sure that they are able to run the heat. Gracia was wearing a snowsuit.)
-  Diapers (sizes 3 and 4)
- Toilet paper
- Laundry soap
- Dish soap
- Body soap
- Toiletries
- Clothing for the children.

If you have any of these items and are able to help, please contact Joni Leahy at and arrange a time to drop them off.
Please forward this to anyone else who may be interested in helping out. Thank you for your care and concern for these precious families!

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