Giving to Africa Hope Community

There are many challenges facing immigrant and refugee families in America. They are attempting to learn a new language, to live on a very small income, to find jobs and learn how to manage their finances. Even simple things like grocery shopping and navigating the city can be overwhelming. Many of these women are single mothers who are also struggling to help their children adjust. When you give to AHC, you are helping us make an impact on the lives of immigrant and refugee families. Donations go toward collecting resources to distribute to these families, as well as to offering educational events designed to help them integrate into U.S. culture. If you would like more information on giving to AHC, please send us an email. Or, you can donate now through PayPal.


In addition to local African organizations and non-profit organizations, Africa Hope Community (AHC) seeks to partner with local, national, and international organizations to help further the cause assisting African immigrant women to adapt and integrate into their country of adoption (USA).Below is the list of existing partners:

• Colorado Congolese Community
• Arize (Healthy Marriage Project)
• Grace Health Clinic

Interested organization may contact AHC’s president either by email or by telephone.