Africa Hope Community would not exist without the support, guidance, and commitment from our diverse group of volunteers. We rely on volunteers to assist in the following areas:

- Administration: Helping behind the scenes to ensure AHC is running efficiently. Our administrative volunteers attend leadership meetings, assist with communications, plan and attend events, and use their gifts in whatever ways they can.

- Financial/Resource Support: Africa Hope Community relies on donations to help African families assimilate into the U.S. Many of these families came to this country with nothing. Throughout the year, we hold different events to collect resources like winter clothing, backpacks/school supplies, and other resources as needs arise. You are welcome to contribute to these efforts. Please check the blog/events page for information on upcoming events.

- Mentoring: Helping women build one-on-one relationships is the heart behind what we do. We are always looking for women (already established in the United States) who will reach out and touch the life of an African immigrant or refugee. Mentors are crucial in serving and assisting these African women as they learn how to live in the United States.

- Small group “adopt a family” program: Is your small group looking for a way to get involved in social justice together? Why not change the life of an immigrant or refugee family forever? By contacting Africa Hope Community and adopting a family, you can build relationships in simple ways, like helping provide resources for a family, inviting them to join you for dinners or other outings, and through being available to offer encouragement and support.

To get involved or learn more information on any of these opportunities, please send us an email.